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A trumpeting welcome from the elephants!

We couldn’t think of a warmer welcome than arriving at Lalibela and seeing a herd of elephant up close drinking from the waterhole right infront of the reception.

During the hot summer months, there’s nothing quite like a nice refreshing and cooling dip in a pool, and it would seem that elephants agree. With temperatures reaching a whopping 38 degrees celecius today, it was only fitting that they came down to the waterhole to cool off!

Unlike most animals, elephants cannot sweat to cool down. Elephants will spray water over themselves to cool off. They are able to spray up to 10 litres of water at a time! Wouldn’t it be lovely if we were able to do the same on those hot summer days?

Elephants need to drink daily to facilitate the digestion of the many kilograms of course material that they eat. Elephants will drink between 100 and 160 litres of water a day. They are fussy drinkers and prefer to drink clean water. Elephants often dig holes alongside a muddy waterhole to allow water to filter through into the hole before drinking it.

🎥: Lalibela Ranger – Darren Clough

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