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Lalibela salutes!

Lalibela Game Reserve - Community Outreach

There are many special people who contribute their time, money or expertise and this, collectively, is what makes Lalibela the successful conservation project that it is. Some people go above and beyond and we feel, from time to time, we need to recognise these people and acknowledge the roles that they play. And so it is that the first person we want to salute has asked to remain anonymous. He did say that we could use his first name, which is “Dennis”.

We are extremely active in our community and run various community upliftment projects. Dennis is from Cape Town and has actually not even visited Lalibela. He heard about Lalibela and what we are doing in the community and has offered to sponsor a child with a monthly donation. He asked that the funds should go towards the education of a child. Charmaine Gradwell, our community upliftment Director identified a grade 11 boy who is in desperate need of assistance. The mother of this grade 11 boy is a single mother and she has two school-going children and she really battles to make ends meet. Both the mother and learner are extremely grateful for the good fortune that this anonymous donor has brought.

Charmaine Gradwell said of Dennis:  “We thank Dennis from the bottom of our hearts and confirm, yet again, that angels do walk among us.”  

We agree with Charmaine – we could not have put it better. Lalibela salutes Dennis and all the other Dennis’s out there who are quietly doing their bit to make the world a better place.

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