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The Southern Dwarf Chameleon

Lalibela Game Reserve - Southern Dwarf Chameleon -Liezel van den Bergh

The Southern Dwarf Chameleon, also known as the Eastern Cape Dwarf Chameleon occurs in the Eastern Cape of South Africa and this one was spotted on Lalibela Game Reserve. 

Chameleons are very slow-moving creatures and cannot chase their prey down, therefore they have adapted to an ambush style of hunting to catch the insects that they eat. They use their great camouflage to hide and when an insect comes close enough, it will launch its tongue out, which is as long as its body! The tongue has a sticky tip and muscles which cause an air suction to help it grab hold of its prey and pull it back into its mouth within a matter of split seconds!

You will find them in thick dense bushes and shrubs and with their extremely good camouflage, they are incredibly hard to spot.

Thank you to Lalibela guide Liezel for your good eyesight in spotting this rare find!

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